About Dallas

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As the parents of two young daughters, our family is like many others who moved to our amazing community: we came for the outstanding educational opportunities afforded by LVUSD. We care passionately about creating a world class public education system and we know firsthand the challenges our schools face. I am blessed to be married to an amazing third generation California teacher who reminds me every day of the critical role our teachers and guidance counselors play in our community – and of the importance of ensuring we give them every resource necessary to succeed.

Dallas Lawrence and his family

I am also privileged to be a fourth generation product of California’s public schools – and a third generation graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. Our schools provided me the skills, drive and confidence to achieve my life’s goals and I am running for the school board to ensure that the opportunities afforded a generation ago still await our children in a public school classroom.

As a product of our public schools, the husband to a teacher and a teacher myself at the University of Southern California, I know the importance of preparing our schools to help our children compete and excel in an increasingly competitive world.

I have served the United States Secretary of Education in the office of elementary and secondary education in Washington, DC where I worked to advance effective early childhood reading and elementary math programs that would again put America’s children on top in reading and math.

And, for more than a decade, I was honored to serve in the United States Navy (Reserve) and had the opportunity to see the world during a four year civilian assignment with the Department of Defense at the Pentagon. During nearly a year in Iraq I witnessed first-hand the impact a quality education can have on a community as I worked to rebuild the country’s school systems while also ensuring every child –both boys and girls – had access to the education necessary for success.

As the father to two young daughters, my family has the majority of our educational journey ahead of us in Las Virgenes. Building on the strong foundation of success the current School Board, administrators, teachers and parents have built for our community lies at the core of my campaign. We have much to be proud of – and yet we also still have much work ahead of us.

I know that budget cuts, shifting demographics and increasing educational demands have dramatically changed the landscape today. I also know the incredible work teachers do every day and the concerns we as parents have for ensuring our children have every resource necessary to succeed in an increasingly competitive world. Common Core and local funding allocations will usher in another generational change in how we educate, fund, measure and ensure our children are achieving.

I am confident that working together we can build on the culture of success we have fostered within our community and through continued collaboration and united determination we can ensure our schools continue to excel for years to come.